Privacy Policy

Commonwealth Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Last Updated: December 2022 

We are proud of our privacy and confidentiality practices, and we want you to know how we protect your data. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) identifies the ways Commonwealth Financial Network® (“Commonwealth”) and its affiliates (“we,” “us,” or “our”) collect, store, use, disclose, and protect your personal information. 

1. Introduction 

Commonwealth distributes a variety of financial products and services to you through its network of independent registered representatives, investment adviser representatives, and insurance agents (“Representatives”). We have always valued the trust our customers place in us and are committed to the responsible management, use, and protection of our customers’ personal information (i.e., information that can be used to identify an individual). This Policy identifies the ways Commonwealth collects, stores, uses, discloses, and protects the personal information you provide to us when you use our website, located at www.commonwealth.com (the “Website”), our online services, our mobile applications, our social media pages, and any other product or service that links to this Policy (collectively, our “Services”). If you have entered into a separate agreement with us, that separate agreement shall control, and only those terms within this Policy that do not conflict with such separate agreement shall apply. If you are a Commonwealth Representative, your separate agreement with us, not this Policy, shall apply to our relationship (unless you are a California resident; in that case, please refer to our California Consumer Privacy Act Notice). This Policy does not cover information we receive from third parties. Please note that depending on your relationship with us, other privacy policies may apply in addition to this Policy, such as when you apply for or use Commonwealth financial products or services. By accessing the Services, you agree to the practices regarding your personal information outlined in this Policy. Each time you use the Services, the current version of this Policy will apply. Accordingly, when you use the Services, you should check the date that appears at the top of this document and review any changes since you last looked at the Policy. 

Please note: This Policy applies to the websites and online services of Commonwealth and not to those of Commonwealth Representatives. For details about their privacy practices, please contact your Representative. 

2. Information We Collect About You 

Information You Provide to Us 

We collect personal information that you voluntarily provide to us when you use our Services (For example, you may provide us with your contact information such as your first name and last name, email address, phone number, and location; information about your current firm; your approximate assets under management; the content of your communication; or other personal information.) and when you choose to submit such information to us through email, an online form, or other methods (e.g., contacting us through our “Let’s Connect” Website feature). We also collect certain personal information from individuals who are exploring a relationship with us or seeking to learn more about Commonwealth. For example, an individual may inquire about becoming an investor, advisor, or agent with Commonwealth. The types of personal information that we collect will depend upon the specific type of relationship you have or seek with us. If you interact with us on social media, we may collect your social media profile information, your communications with us, and your communications and posts on our social media pages and forums. If you use any of our chat or communication features, we will collect the content of your communications through such features. 

Commonwealth Online Services 

We collect personal information when you use or enroll in Commonwealth’s online services, including our mobile applications, such as your name, address, email address, phone number, social security number, and Internet Protocol (IP) address and/or domain, as well as other data you may provide us in connection with your use of our online services, such as information related to a financial product or service, including, but not limited to, investment preferences, demographic information, citizenship information, date of birth, and financial information. This may include your financial account information, account summaries

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