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What good is a seven-figure portfolio if you’re six feet under?


Why work forty years for a retirement that lasts only ten? Between recessions, inflation, market fluctuations, and the advancing ages of the Boomers and Gen X, many Americans are concerned about their retirement savings and wealth management for their children and grandchildren. How much will I need to save? What investment vehicles are best? What will my income be after I stop working? Is it too late to start building generational wealth?

Those are all excellent questions, but none of the answers address your core values.

In The Balanced Wealth Approach, CFP® and wealth manager Tom Hine reframes the retirement discussion by emphasizing healthcare as well as wealthcare. Tom invites readers to reconsider what living a rich life truly means.


Meet Tom Hine

Tom Hine is the founder of Capital Wealth Management in Connecticut with over thirty years of experience in the financial services industry. He is a Chairman-level advisor (top 4 percent) at Commonwealth Financial Network, the country’s largest privately held broker/dealer, which has approximately $273 billion in assets under management.



Peter H. Diamandis, MD, XPRIZE and Singularity FounderNew York Times Bestselling Author
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I started Fountain Life and wrote the book Life Force to bring longevity to the world. Tom Hine is furthering this important work with his terrific new book The Balanced Wealth Approach. Tom shows you how to mind your health as well as your wealth. Cutting edge and a must-read.
Hector LopezMD, CSCS, FISSN
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Infused with personal insights and tried-and-true actionable steps to secure adding not only years to life but also life to your years as you build wealth, The Balanced Wealth Approach is sure to profoundly impact readers and their families for generations to come. Tom Hine has helped to remarkably redefine generational health and wealth with practical and powerful tools that are rarely communicated from the financial services, wealth management, and estate planning industry.
Dr. Marien Zanyk, PhD CEO, ZANEEZ® Health & FitnessInventor of AnkleSTONE®, BedROK®, WillowWORX®
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Tom has raised awareness of the critical issues in health and wellness that are often ignored. He brings an innovative and actionable approach to achieving our best health in longevity. Tom brings forth critical steps and solutions to those who recognize that ‘diversification in health is as important as diversification in wealth.
Thomas Crabtree, MDFACS, Chief Medical Officer at AMI
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A veritable how-to guide about health and wealth from a true sensei. Using illustrative anecdotes to reinforce his points, Tom Hine proves to be a modern-day Thomas Paine. This is Common Sense for the 2020s.
Gary R. PickholzJerome A. Chazen Scholar, Columbia Business School
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Excellent! The Balanced Wealth Approach is an enjoyable read, required for everyone working in finance and for any business school students desperate to land a professional position demanding 70+ hours a week.

Book Excerpt

"How many of you check your health and wellness regimen as often as you check the status of your 401(k)?”

This book will provide the tools you need to look after your health and wellness as diligently as you keep tabs on your money, both now and for the future. If you have both, your retirement years can bring you enjoyment and fulfillment. Now, let’s see how to get there.

wealthscorecard 1

Balanced Wealth Scorecard

The Balanced Wealth Scorecard™ is where you can begin tracking your standing in the areas of sleep, diet, stress, and exercise as well as risk tolerance, retirement income, and investment review. Your financial advisor can be your accountability partner for how you are doing on these metrics, and the scoring will help you determine when it’s time to make an appointment with a doctor, nutritionist, or financial planner.

Think bigger with your wealth and your health, and set your sights on a vibrant, active, enriching life well into your nineties and beyond!

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