balanced wealth Score Card

Retirement Income

The amount and source of your income in retirement area mystery to you.
You know that you have Social Security benefits and/or a pension but you’re not sure of your income beyond that.
Your plan is to use your pension and Social Security funds first and will cover any shortfall by taking distributions from your retirement and other accounts.
You’ve optimized your pension and Social Security income and have a withdrawal strategy for your assets.

Risk Tolerance

You’re not sure how much risk you are comfortable taking nor the risk of your current portfolio.
You think you know the level of risk you’re com for table taking but you’re not sure how risky your current portfolio is.
You know the level of risk you’re comfortable with and know that your portfolio needs to be reviewed.
You have a portfolio that is commensurate with the level of risk you’re comfortable taking.

Tax Efficient

You have not considered the tax implications of your accounts.
You’re aware of the tax implications but did not know any thing could be done to reduce your tax liability.
You’re aware of the tax implications and strategies for reducing tax liability but have not implemented any.
You’re aware of the tax implications and have taken advantage of all applicable strategies.

Investment Review

You’re not sure of the last time that there was an in-depth review of your investments.
Your investment portfolio is reviewed every few years.
Your investment portfolio is reviewed at least annually.
Your investment portfolio is reviewed on a regular, systematic basis.


You don’t manage stress well and do not have a plan to reduce it. You are aware that stress can play a role in your health.
You have a stressful job or situation and want to reduce it, but you don’t have a plan in place.
You are aware of your stress levels and have tried to improve them, but you don’t have a systematic way of monitoring and reducing your stress.
You are aware of stress levels and have a systematic plan to reduce the negative effects of stress and are constantly updating your regimen to address stress.


You don’t really focus on what you are eating and don’t have any plan in place.
You have a vague sense of what a good diet is, but don’t have a game plan to get there.
You are aware of the importance of diet and how to improve it, but you don’t have a systematic plan.
You are aware of your diet; you have a process in place to refine and correct and make changes.


You don’t sleep well, or you don’t get enough sleep, but that’s how it is for most people.
You track your sleep in formally but don’t really monitor or have any mechanism to track progress.
You are aware of your sleep patterns but aren’t sure how to improve them.
You are aware of your sleep patterns, and you have a process in place to monitor them.


You don’t currently have a formal exercise plan.
You don’t currently exercise but are aware of the benefits and would like to begin a process but are not sure how.
You do exercise, but because of injuries or time commitments, have not made it a regular routine in your life.
You do exercise regularly and have a game plan for modifying and adapting your workouts to your current life situation.

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Peter H. Diamandis, MD, XPRIZE and Singularity FounderNew York Times Bestselling Author
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I started Fountain Life and wrote the book Life Force to bring longevity to the world. Tom Hine is furthering this important work with his terrific new book The Balanced Wealth Approach. Tom shows you how to mind your health as well as your wealth. Cutting edge and a must-read.
Hector LopezMD, CSCS, FISSN
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Infused with personal insights and tried-and-true actionable steps to secure adding not only years to life but also life to your years as you build wealth, The Balanced Wealth Approach is sure to profoundly impact readers and their families for generations to come. Tom Hine has helped to remarkably redefine generational health and wealth with practical and powerful tools that are rarely communicated from the financial services, wealth management, and estate planning industry.
Dr. Marien Zanyk, PhD CEO, ZANEEZ® Health & FitnessInventor of AnkleSTONE®, BedROK®, WillowWORX®
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Tom has raised awareness of the critical issues in health and wellness that are often ignored. He brings an innovative and actionable approach to achieving our best health in longevity. Tom brings forth critical steps and solutions to those who recognize that ‘diversification in health is as important as diversification in wealth.
Thomas Crabtree, MDFACS, Chief Medical Officer at AMI
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A veritable how-to guide about health and wealth from a true sensei. Using illustrative anecdotes to reinforce his points, Tom Hine proves to be a modern-day Thomas Paine. This is Common Sense for the 2020s.
Gary R. PickholzJerome A. Chazen Scholar, Columbia Business School
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Excellent! The Balanced Wealth Approach is an enjoyable read, required for everyone working in finance and for any business school students desperate to land a professional position demanding 70+ hours a week.

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